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Andy Beltran

Attorney at Law

About Me

Prior to becoming an attorney, I participated in hundreds of missions in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a U.S. Marine and while working on Department of Defense and Department of State contracts. Sometimes, conducting the proper prior planning leading up to those missions was just as exciting as the missions themselves.


During those times, I learned very quickly that survival depended on one’s ability to anticipate the actions of others, investigate credible threats, adapt to changing circumstances, work effectively with your team, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the team but especially those of your enemies.


To me, the courtroom is not much different. The threats on the battlefield are clearly unique but my approach remains the same. Having already possessed these skills has given me a distinct advantage over many of my peers. In keeping with this warrior ethos, I approach the courtroom with the mentality of “No better friend, no worse enemy” while remaining polite and professional. These skills, along with my integrity, loyalty, and fighting spirit, set me apart from others.

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